Montessori Parent Life

Join us to learn what it takes to be a Montessori parent!

Are you interested in incorporating Montessori at home? Are you considering a Montessori school? Do you want to hear from experienced parents what Montessori can mean for you, your child, and your family?

This course is designed for you. This six week course

  • will introduce you to the grounding principles of Montessori.
  • teach you how to prepare montessori activities and offer them at home
  • organizational skills for keeping a Montessori home
  • discipline and communication techniques for raising your Montessori child
  • offer weekly lessons including interviews with experienced Montessori parents

Interviews include sessions with:

  • Judi Orion – AMI Montessori trainer, speaker, consultant, and Montessori parent and grandparent
  • Dr. Lara Flores Shaw – Writer, speaker, researcher and Assistant Professor in the Mind, Brain, and Teaching Certificate at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, and Montessori parent
  • Susana Rosas MBA – Entrepreneur, professor and social impact business consultant and Montessori parent of twins
  • Alyce Chan – MC, Producer, Writer & Comedian at MOMCOM.CO, and Montessori Parent
  • Christine Harrison – AMI board member, international Montessori leadership educator, founder of Montessori Australia Foundation, and Montessori parent and grandparent.

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