• Understand the weaning process
  • Encourage healthy eating habits
  • Avoid the picky eater habit
  • Learn to bake with your child
  • Inspire your child’s independence in the kitchen
  • Choose the right high chair and child-size kitchen tools
  • Gain a greater understanding of Montessori theory and how it can support your parenting

“Sarah Moudry set the future path for our children to be raised as independent and curious individuals. Sarah’s experience and coaching helped us to follow Montessori. It is amazing what young children can achieve!”

– Courtney, Mom of two

“Sarah Moudry is a gifted educator of both children and parents, and her special magic is in helping them understand one another better.”

– Catherine, Mom to one
  • A step-by-step guide to creating a potty learning routine for your child .
  • Learn what language yo use
  • Understand the process and common set-backs
  • Know the benefits of potty learning over potty training
  • Understand when to start
  • A guide to choosing underwear

“I read Toilet Awareness and decided to just plunge into it. We were shocked how quickly our daughter took to the toilet awareness process. Days one and two were tough but then upon waking on day three, she literally just started using the toilet as if she always had been.”

Carlie, Mom of three

“Sarah saved us months of frustration in potty-training our son. We had fewer accidents and completed the process much easier than with our daughter who learned a more traditional way. Sarah’s straightforward approach allowed us to empower our son to learn the basics of toileting quickly and happily before he was two!”

Nikayla, Mom of two

“This book is fantastic! So well written, simple, and easy to read, understand, and follow. It goes exactly with what we do at school and more specifically what they should do at home! Wonderful!”

-Corrina Vasquez, Toddler Teacher, Oak Knoll Kinderhaus Montessori CA

“This book allows me to communicate crucial information to parents without having to reinvent the wheel. Sarah offers the essential information in a clear and straightforward way that is easy to follow for parents entering the total bidding phase. Thanks, Sarah!”

Heather Moran, Toddler Teacher, Children’s Workshop MN