Montessori Home Make-Over Checklist


  • Low hooks for jackets
  • Low bench
  • Shelf or bin for shoes
  • Basket or hooksfor accessories
  • Place for library book bag
  • Place for backpack

Kitchen and Dining Room

  • Stepstool to counter
  • Child-size baking tools
  • Child-size dishes and flatware
  • Low cabinet for dishes and flatware
  • Accessible healthy snacks
  • Child-size cleaning tools, in a cabinet or the broom closet, on shelvesand hooks in a place that makes sense
  • Trayless highchair (to bring tothe family table)
  • Low table and chair

Living Room or Family Room

  • Family seating area
  • a lowshelf with a few toys, puzzles and family games
  • Musical instruments
  • Low book shelf with children’s books


  • Soft seating area
  • Movement area
  • Low shelves with toys and activities
  • Area for creative expressions :art and music/movement
  • Space to work on the floor
  • Working mats
  • Low table and chair(s)
  • Art hung low on the walls

Child’s Bedroom

  • Low bed
  • Accessible clothing
  • Dressing bench or chair
  • Low shelf with a few toys
  • Low bookshelf with children’s books
  • Soft seating area to read books
  • Confortable adult chair (if nursing or offering a bottle)
  • Chanaging table (for pre-mobile children)
  • Potty chair
  • Hamper


  • Potty chair
  • step stool to toilet
  • Step stool to sink
  • hamper
  • Basket with underwear or diapers
  • Basket with bath toys


  • Shelf with outdoor toys
  • Hooks for outdoor tools
  • Watersource
  • Outdoor practical life materials
  • Movement area
  • Paths to walk
  • Garden