About FFH

A Montessori Mom, Sarah Moudry, shares her secrets and tips for bringing Montessori into your home. From creating meaningful opportunities and activities to support your growing family to building your child’s connection and sense of community through how we talk with and discipline children.
Learn more about the look, feel, and benefits of Montessori education and bring them home to your family with Sarah Moudry’s advice, style, and DIY projects.
  • First time parents feeling lost with so much parenting advice?
  • Parent of multiples wanting to know how to create routine and juggle it all?
  • Growing family of many trying to keep the calm and organization?
  • Homeschooling parent looking to create an educational space separate from your living?
Sarah can help you create the space that is right for your family. Montessori has at its core the ability to adapt to each unique family.  We will take the fundamental Montessori principals of:
  • Responding to your child’s needs
  • Creating opportunity for independence
  • Supporting all members of the community
and create the space that is right for you. Watch and learn…
Sarah Moudry is a trained and experienced designer who has spent much of her career creating Montessori Environments.  The creator of both classrooms and home environments, Sarah takes into account the needs of all members of the community and builds a responsive and educational space.  The founder and owner of Studio June, a first-of-its-kind early educational studio for young children and parents. Studio June focuses on creating an environment appealing to children’s natural desire to explore, offering self-directed activities and hands-on learning. Parents have the opportunity to witness the developing will and amazing control young children have when they are engaged in self-led, meaningful play. Studio June instructors are experienced childhood development specialists with an emphasis in Montessori philosophy.