Material Making

“The teacher’s first duty is to watch over the environment, and this takes precedence over all the rest.  Its influence is indirect, but unless it is well done there will be no effective and permanent results of any kind; physical, intellectual or spiritual.”                                          Dr. Maria Montessori

Have you struggled with color-coding? Keeping the environment simple yet unique? or making packets, envelopes, and trays that fit properly and look great? This workshop is for teachers working with children birth to six years and will teach new techniques to incorporate in your classroom materials right away. Each week you will receive access to new lessons, tutorials, and follow-along-DIY projects. Your access will never expire so come back anytime to refresh your skills.

Included in this six week course:

Module 1: The Prepared Environment: Learn to use Dr. Montessori’s principles for preparing an environment for learning and principles of design  together to create your optimal classroom.

Module 2: Enhance Don’t Distract: Learn the art of color-coding, building the perfect activities, and finding just the right piece. Learn where to look and how to determine if your activity will ‘call’ to the children.

Module 3: Making Card Material: Where to find photos, choosing fonts, formatting to create consistency, using online creative programs, and mounting and laminating techniques.

Module 4: Working with Paper: Learn all the ways we can use paper to make beautiful and durable materials; techniques and applications

Module 5: Working with Fabric: Learn about its many uses and techniques for machine and hand sewing.

Module 6: Repairs and Maintenance; Learn to keep your classroom in good repair and insure your materials last, where and when to find deals, coupons, and sales to stay budget friendly.

The purchase of this course includes materials lists, written instructions, and patterns. Access to the tutorials never expires so follow along as many times as you like.

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Montessori From The Start

Are you looking to implement Montessori theory from the start with your little one? Are you new to Montessori?  Are you not sure where to begin, which toys to buy, or how to set up your home to optimize learning and play? Join Montessori parent educator, Sarah Moudry, for this online course for pre-mobile (birth to crawling) babies and their adults. This class is a combination of pre-recorded and live classes, offering one of each every week.

On Monday we will send you a link to your new lesson with an action step to prepare for our live class on Thursday. In our live class you will meet with Sarah Moudry and the other families in the class. Sarah will expand on the weekly topic, share tips for implementing the theory at home, and answer all your Montessori parenting classes.

During this eight-week course you will build your own Montessori journal of theory, notes, worksheets, and observations; sure to be a treasure. Follow along in your course workbook as we document the milestones that matter, and ask the questions that make a difference in your child’s development.

So many of us have felt secluded during this time of quarantine, and now is your time to connect with like-minded parents and a Montessori expert and learn to love parenting and find the joy in all these precious moments with your new little one.

Every week you will receive:

  • Topical video lesson
  • Activity to get Montessori in your home
  • Live discussion with Sarah Moudry and other parents
  • Download to build your Montessori baby book
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Montessori Parent Life

Join us to learn what it takes to be a Montessori parent!

Are you interested in incorporating Montessori at home? Are you considering a Montessori school? Do you want to hear from experienced parents what Montessori can mean for you, your child, and your family?

This course is designed for you. This six week course

  • will introduce you to the grounding principles of Montessori.
  • teach you how to prepare montessori activities and offer them at home
  • organizational skills for keeping a Montessori home
  • discipline and communication techniques for raising your Montessori child
  • offer weekly lessons including interviews with experienced Montessori parents

Interviews include sessions with:

  • Judi Orion – AMI Montessori trainer, speaker, consultant, and Montessori parent and grandparent
  • Dr. Lara Flores Shaw – Writer, speaker, researcher and Assistant Professor in the Mind, Brain, and Teaching Certificate at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, and Montessori parent
  • Susana Rosas MBA – Entrepreneur, professor and social impact business consultant and Montessori parent of twins
  • Alyce Chan – MC, Producer, Writer & Comedian at MOMCOM.CO, and Montessori Parent
  • Christine Harrison – AMI board member, international Montessori leadership educator, founder of Montessori Australia Foundation, and Montessori parent and grandparent.
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