Montessori Nanny

Parents, are you interested in helping your Nanny learn more about how to support your children at home? Do you want the Montessori philosophy to be more present in your home?

Nannies, do you work for a family who incorporates Montessori philosophy in the work you do with their children?

This four-week course is for caregivers and educators looking to understand Montessori and use the philosophy in their work with children and families. If you are working with children from birth to six years, this course will help you implement Montessori in your daily interactions, activities, and home organization.

In this information-packed, four-week class your Montessori trained instructor will share techniques to support growing independence, creative thinking, and natural explorations for the children in your care. You will receive weekly access to new lectures, lessons and assignments.

Topics include:

Module 1: Montessori principles and the child’s point of view

Module 2: The child’s work; how to support the development of concentration, independence, and collaborative work 

Module 3: Setting limits and inspiring inner discipline

Module 4: Systems and organization; Preparing and maintaining Montessori in the home

The purchase of this course includes an interactive workbook which includes practice activities and checklists. Your purchase allows you to follow the modules at your own pace and you have six months of access to your lessons, so come back and review whenever you like.

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