Do you ever get that bug to rearrange your living room? Were you on a walk and passed an amazing tag sale piece you just couldn’t pass up and now you need to make room for it in your home? Perhaps you are buying your dream dining room set and it’s time to get the layout right!

All these scenarios are common, and when you have a small child, each of these can disrupt their sense of order. An exciting addition of an antique buffet for us can mean their world turns upside-down for the day. This is because young children mentally map their surroundings and find comfort in knowing where everything is. 

When we move furniture, they can get frustrated and cranky or even over-excited. So if you are looking to move things around a bit here are my tips for making a big change in your home environment:

  1. Make the change on a day that you don’t have much else in your schedule – this will allow your child to adapt without the pressures of sticking to a schedule
  2. Make the changes when your child is not with you and then talk to them about the change before you take them to the newly remodeled space
  3. Keep your child’s things in a similar place with similar access – if you plan to change this too, do it on another day
  4. Take time to enjoy the new space together – let your child sit, crawl, or walk around the space on their own to feel the changes

Can’t wait to get that new piece into your layout! Happy arranging!

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